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Lindi Ortega


Shadowbox Music Inc


Released: 25th May 2018



Released: 25th May 2018

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The Canadian roots chanteuse spins a wild, Spaghetti Western-style yarn about heartbreak, revenge, and redemption.

Ortega has always blazed a unique trail her entire career, and her fifth studio record ‘Liberty’ appears to be no exception. She wrote roughly half of the twelve tracks solo, and enlisted co-writers Aaron Raitiere, Bruce Wallace and John Paul White (The Civil Wars) for the rest. The result is a three-part concept album reflecting loss, seance, resurrection, and freedom. a big tip if you like Courtney marie Andrews, tift merritt, and margo price. “a narrative record that spins a wild yarn, not unlike Willie Nelson’s ‘Red Headed Stranger’ or Kenny Rogers’ ‘Gideon’… She’s celebrating her artistic freedom by showing us how an old pop-culture tradition can be made new and vibrant.” - pitchfork



  1. Through The Dust Part I
  2. Afraid of the Dark
  3. You Ain't Foolin Me
  4. Til My Dyin Day
  5. Nothing Is Impossible
  6. Through The Dust Part II
  7. The Comeback Kid
  8. Darkness Be Gone
  9. Forever Blue
  10. In The Clear
  11. Pablo
  12. Lovers in Love
  13. Through The Dust Part III
  14. Liberty
  15. Gracias a la Vida