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Machine Music Live



Released: 10th Feb 2017

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were you there? this recording of the killer ‘machine music’ tour was taken from his show at the dome on 3rd june 2012.

all the hits are here, from ‘cars’ to ‘are ‘friends’ electric’, all recorded expertly on the night. a must hear for any numan fan.

Machine Music Live


  1. (Intro) Hide
  2. Berserker
  3. Metal
  4. The Fall
  5. Bombers
  6. Crazier
  7. Call Out The Dogs
  8. Dominion Day
  9. This Wreckage
  10. Absolution
  11. That's Too Bad
  12. In A Dark Place
  13. Down In The Park
  14. Rip
  15. Love Needs No Disguise
  16. Warriors
  17. I Die: You Die
  18. We Are Glass
  19. Healing
  20. Cars
  21. Are 'Friends' Electric?