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clockwork angels tour (2019 reissue)


5lp boxset (pre-order)

Expected Release: 11th Oct 2019


Rush are proud to present the live album, Clockwork Angels tour on a 5LP vinyl set.

  Clockwork Angels was the iconic prog-rock band’s 19th studio album in 38 years and the final since they finished touring in 2015.  The original album debuted at no. 1 In Canada and no. 2 in the US, ranking as one of the highest achieving albums in their catalogue, and the tour went on to create a memorable legacy for the band.  Accompanied by the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble, the album was elevated to an even higher level of quality and therefore is so revered amongst fans across the globe.

clockwork angels tour (2019 reissue)


  1. Subdivisions
  2. The Big Money
  3. Force Ten
  4. Grand Designs
  5. The Body Electric
  6. Territories
  7. The Analog Kid
  8. Bravado
  9. Where's My Thing?/ Here It Is! (Drum Solo)
  10. Far Cry
  11. Caravan
  12. Clockwork Angels
  13. The Anarchist
  14. Carnies
  15. The Wreckers
  16. Headlong Flight/Drumbastica (Drum Solo)
  17. Peke's Repose (Guitar Solo) / Halo Effect
  18. Seven Cities of Gold
  19. Wish Them Well
  20. The Garden
  21. Dreamline
  22. The Percussor/Binary Love Theme/Steambanger's Ball (Drum Solo)
  23. Red Sector A
  24. YYZ
  25. The Spirit of Radio
  26. Tom Sawyer
  27. 2112
  28. Limelight
  29. Middletown Dreams
  30. The Pass
  31. Manhattan Project