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The Jazz Butcher

the wasted years

fire records

4cd + BOOK

Released: 20th Oct 2017


This collects 4 ear-opening albums from the butcher’s “wasted years” period, plus a fascinating book to fill in the backstory.

 There’s a folky edge scratching away beside the inevitable romp through pop music’s historical lineage. The ‘80s recast at an ironic party of malcontents. Indie pop as a soundtrack. Songs that shouldn’t fit together – but do. "The Jazz Butcher was always something of a unique vehicle, a sort of musical dune buggy - it interweaves the influence of The Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett with the new wave energies of the day and leaves us all richer for looking in" Pete Kember - Spacemen 3.


the wasted years


  1. Bath Of Bacon
  2. Gloop Jiving
  3. Jazz Butcher Theme
  4. Partytime
  5. Bigfoot Motel
  6. Sex Engine Thing
  7. Chinatown
  8. Zombie Love
  9. Grey Flanellette
  10. La Mer
  11. Poisoned By Food
  12. Love Kittens
  13. Bath Of Bacon
  14. Girls Who Keep Goldfish
  15. A Scandal In Bohemia
  16. Southern Mark Smith (Big Return)
  17. Real Men
  18. Soul Happy Hour
  19. I Need Meat
  20. Just Like Betty Page
  21. Marnie (Muscovite Mix)
  22. Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
  23. Mind Like A Playgroup
  24. Girlfriend
  25. My Desert
  26. Sex And Travel
  27. Big Saturday
  28. Holiday
  29. Red Pets
  30. Only A Rumour
  31. President Reagan's Birthday Present
  32. What's The Matter, Boy?
  33. Walk With The Devil
  34. Down The Drain
  35. Distressed Gentlefolk
  36. Falling In Love
  37. Big Bad Thing
  38. Still In The Kitchen
  39. Hungarian Love Song
  40. The New World
  41. Who Loves You Now
  42. Domestic Animal
  43. Buffalo
  44. Nothing Special
  45. Angels