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Mariam The Believer

Love Everything

Repeat Until Death


Released: 20th Oct 2017



Released: 20th Oct 2017


Equipped with her courageously uncompromising approach to music-making, channels this wide-minded creativity in a pop direction with unique, unforgettable results.

Mariam Wallentin is one half of vocal-&-drum-duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums with husband Andreas Werliin. She is also a founding member & composer in Fire! Orchestra. In total, 15 musicians collaborated on the album, resulting in songs that twist & turn evolving organically with each contribution. From vocalist virtuoso Sofia Jernberg to drone experimentalist Oren Ambarchi & free form jazz star Mats Gustavsson, it’s an eclectic roll call, yet despite that, it’s a collection of pure pop melodies. On ‘Love Everything’, she lets melodies lead the way – the piano flowing with harmonies that emphasise Wallentin’s powerful & at times raw, honest voice. Power ballads are interrupted by a change of rhythms, Enchanting vocals turn into pulsating R’n’B, new opportunities are lurking behind every corner.

Love Everything


  1. Opening
  2. Eternity
  3. Pieces
  4. Bodylife
  5. Darkening
  6. Bullies
  7. Treasure
  8. Total
  9. Crust