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The Green Child

The Green Child

upset the rhythm

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Released: 12th Jan 2018


this is addictively atmopspheric, downbeat electro-pop from the twin post-punk talents of grass widow’s raven mahon and total control’s mikey young.

taking the gorgeous vocal spook of the former and agile production of the latter, this lovely album comes off like broadcast or streolab at times, also touching on the smokey textures of chromatics. To the lucky ones who take a chance on it, it will feel like a closely held secret you’ll want to keep to yourself. “The Green Child’s atmospheric music is rich with harmonies and shimmer, with a calm and lovely sway. It sounds like a hex to end toxic masculinity everywhere” – pitchfork, “music glittering in a paparazzi smoothness of descending transits…every song seems to eke out its own microcosm, leaves you hankering for more” - freq

The Green Child


  1. Traveler
  2. Her Majesty II
  3. Bertha
  4. New Years Eve
  5. 46 Timelines
  6. Walking Distance
  7. Marie Elene