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limited 180g lp + download (pre-order)

Expected Release: 2nd Feb 2018


Don't Skip Out on Me is magnificent.

Willy Vlautin is now one of America's great writers.' Roddy Doyle Vlautin's third novel LEAN ON PETE has been adapted for the screen by acclaimed British director Andrew Haigh (45 Years and Weekend) and will be released March 2018 via Curzon cinemas, staring Steve Buscemi and Chloe Sevigny 'A rivetingly beautiful film' Daily Telegraph The Don't Skip Out on Me soundtrack was recorded early 2017 just after the band called it quits on their final European tour. Both soundtracks feature all members of Richmond Fontaine. While Richmond Fontaine will not be touring any longer, Willy Vlautin and RF pedal steel player, David Murphy, will be performing around the release of the book at the following dates in the UK featuring spoken word, Q &A plus Richmond Fontaine, Delines and some instrumental tracks plus signing sessions . Richmond Fontaine and Deline's singer/songwriter, Willy Vlautin will release his fifth novel, 'Don't Skip Out On Me' on Feb 1 2018 (Faber and Faber). Like his previous novel 'Northline' it will have an accompanying soundtrack included with the book on cd. While the CD will be included with the book, Décor will be releasing the album on vinyl.



  1. Horace Hopper
  2. Victor Gets On The Bus
  3. Dream Of The City & The City Itself
  4. Living Where You're Not Wanted
  5. Horace And The Trophy
  6. Rescue And Defeat In Salt Lake City
  7. Horace Decides To Go Pro
  8. Mr. Reese's Place in La Jolla
  9. Hector Hidalgo
  10. Meeting Billy In El Paso
  11. Night Out With Diego
  12. Waking Up With Busted Ribs
  13. The Fight With Raymundo Figueroa
  14. Horses in Las Vegas
  15. Finding Horace On The Street
  16. We'll Be Cattlemen
  17. Back Of The Pickup