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Ron Gallo

Really Nice Guys

New West Records


Released: 19th Jan 2018


‘Really Nice Guys’ is a concept mini album by Thyme Magazine’s ‘Man Of The Year’, Ron Gallo.

The release is another thought provoking and inspired instalment, extending an already prolific calendar year by Gallo which saw the release of the critically acclaimed full length album ‘Heavy Meta’, as well as the 7” singles, ‘Temporary Slave’ and ‘Sorry Not Everybody Is You’. ‘Really Nice Guys’ finds Gallo exploring new sonic frontiers and instrumentation in the form of what might be called a conceptual art piece. Whatever you call it is wholly original and Gallo continues to melt faces and free minds.

Really Nice Guys


  1. Rough Mix
  2. Really Nice Guys
  3. Related Artists (For Fans Of...)
  4. I’m On The Guestlist YouTubular
  5. The East Nashville Kroger Conversation
  6. Emotional Impact For
  7. Sale
  8. Pull Quote (ft Jerry)