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Sugar & Spice EP

heavenly recordings

blue coloured 12" EP

Released: 7th Sep 2018


lilting, ethereal pop music here from the Brisbane wunderkind – there’s a touch of lorde’s first album, moments of hazy, mazzy star beauty and a bit of what’s made snail mail’s debut a standout.

Her world is a dreamy landscape inhabited by cascading synths, jangling guitars and undeniable, irresistible pop melodies. As she explains; “All of my songs start with singing. I hear the melody first and then work out the chords I’m imagining under that and despite not knowing chord names I have a good ear so can kinda figure it out.”

Sugar & Spice EP


  1. Sure
  2. Sleep
  3. Sugar & Spice
  4. Try
  5. Bad Guy