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Released: 1st Nov 2019


lp + download

Released: 1st Nov 2019


limited indies-only loser edition ocean blue lp + download

Released: 1st Nov 2019


these guys continue to wow us with this sensational platter of thousand-yard-stare, staccato workouts that luxuriate on the breezy side of post-punk, 70’s nyc style.

Their sound is still defined by sparse drums, locked in bass, blistering guitar, & nonchalant, yet assured vocals, but from the first notes of "Sincerely Yours", it’s clear that ‘Networker’ sounds much cleaner & more "HI FI" than previous works. The departure in fidelity allows us to enjoy the nuances of their meticulous arrangements. Don't worry, the riffs of Gang of Four & Wire are still present, but the production is more lush & the harmony is even more expansive. There are hooks everywhere, vocal & instrumental, that had us humming along, even during our first listen. “their first for sub pop, ‘networker’ sees the trio sand down some of their edges to largely winning effect” 8/10 uncut.



  1. Sincerely Yours
  2. Courtesy Call
  3. Moat
  4. Underage
  5. Skeleton Key
  6. Genuine Person
  7. Present Tense
  8. Blunt Force
  9. Flat Earth
  10. Networker
  11. Sleep Mask