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Released: 18th Oct 2019



Released: 18th Oct 2019


limited loser edition opaque yellow lp + download

Released: 18th Oct 2019



Released: 18th Oct 2019


the montreal band have effortlessly conjured up a stirring blend of post-punk-tilted indie pop with some gleefully melodic riffs and an experimental gleam coursing throughout the whole thing.

this is the most dazzling, immediate and inventive album of their young career: 39 minutes of darting and dodging guitars, spiralling vocal harmonies, and the complicated, goldenrod nostalgia of a Sunday mid-afternoon. Singers, two guitars, bass, drums: the timelessness of the setup underpins the timelessness of the sound, a rock'n'roll borrowing from each of the past six decades punk and pop, psych and jangle, daydream and swoon. This is music that's muscular, exciting and full of love, its riffs a kind of medicine. this new work is hypnotic, distilled. the band's magic springs from their ingenious hooks, their topaz tinted vision.



  1. Topographe
  2. Junior
  3. Domino
  4. Goldie
  5. Agent double
  6. Microscopie
  7. Grand cheval
  8. Milan
  9. Pow
  10. Bang