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Orchid Tapes

very limited cd

Released: 18th Oct 2019


very limited edition coke bottle lp

Released: 18th Oct 2019


breath-takingly delicate, introspective dream-pop from the vulpine songwriter.

Recorded in Hidebrand’s home recording studio, “Trillium Killer” represents a clear & marked step forward in fif’s sound, song-writing technique & conceptual scope. Softly dazzling soundscapes are laid beneath bright & often-manipulated vocals to emulate a number of different perspectives & identities, despite Hildebrand being the record’s only vocalist. Orchestral strings & electronic bass weave in & out juxtaposed with lo-fi elements like drum machines & cassette samples demonstrating a keen ability in finding a common ground between a range of production ideas & styles. Hildebrand has previously described their music as ‘healing music’, & while this idea is still present in the DNA of these songs the lyrics betray a darker side to the process of understanding trauma. A must-listen for fans of Sufjan stevens, beach house & cigarettes after sex.



  1. Ontario Sunshine
  2. A Softer World
  3. Extinguisher
  4. Rush to Spark
  5. Say Yes to Violence
  6. Ontario Sunshine Pt. 2
  7. Antibody
  8. Summer of The Gun
  9. Trillium Killer
  10. Second Chances / Vantablack