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Released: 11th Oct 2019


10” of mean sleaze and kookie far-out Bongo Blasters.

DING DONG DADDIO, it’s time for round 2. So get out of this world, my beatnik friends and take a trip to Coolsville. You’ll flip your lid till your real gone, daddio. This stuff will murder ya. Side A is full of the sleaziest, low-down swingin’ strumentals in town. So blast the edison, don ya shades and get zonked on juice while these cats groove to the cool... hip and heavy... Mean and moody. The flip side will knock you off your swingers! A set of kookie cool an cerrrazy rockn`n´rollers, heavy on the bongo beat. Finger-click your way through these skin beaters till you are, like, too far gone...



  1. Benny Joy - Money Money
  2. The Champs - The Toast
  3. The Rondels - Back Beat No. 1
  4. Cozy Cole - Big Noise From Winnetka
  5. The Piltdown Men – Gargantua
  6. Duane Eddy - Stalkin’
  7. Joey Warren – Goatee
  8. Jimmy Dale & the Ding a Lings - Bongo Rock
  9. Preston Epps Bongola
  10. jerry Madison & The Spacemen- Theme From Von Hutch
  11. The Shadows - Jet Black
  12. Joe Hall & The Corvettes- Bongo Beating Beatnik