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Sufjan Stevens, Timo Andres

The Decalogue

Asthmatic Kitty Records


Released: 13th Dec 2019


lp + download

Released: 13th Dec 2019


Deluxe 180G LP + 40 page songbooK + Stoughton gatefold jacket, and monotype print by Charlotte de Mezamat. + DOWNLOAD

Released: 18th Oct 2019


an unsurprisingly gorgeous score comprising lush piano melodies that prove sufjan’s keen melodic intuition can be deeply felt even in its most minimally produced form.

The title of “The Decalogue” has a touch of the grandiose: it means “The Ten Commandments.” Yet this score, composed by Sufjan Stevens for a dance work choreographed by Justin Peck that premiered with the New York City Ballet in May of 2017, is quiet and experimental. Stevens’s piano score, as played and recorded by Timo Andres, sounds like etudes in the Romantic-modernist tradition, as if prompted by Debussy. With “The Decalogue”, Sufjan is making — gently, without ostentation — new departures. “Sufjan Stevens perfects avant-romanticism on ballet score” – riff magazine.

The Decalogue


  1. I 3:36
  2. II 1:40
  3. III 1:29
  4. IV 3:04
  5. V 2:37
  6. VI 2:55
  7. VII 3:01
  8. VIII 3:01
  9. IX 2:13
  10. X 3:42