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Forming The Void


Lonestar Records

limited coke bottle clear lp

Released: 29th Sep 2017


Atmospheric, heavy and progressive yet losing none of these earnest qualities at volume, the Louisiana underground rockers layer their ambitions as thickly as their powerfully vivid riffs.

Summoning the towering hard rock riffs and progressive influence of bands like Mastodon, Baroness and Torche, this finds the four-piece drawing on a colossal sound. "Forming The Void have taken things to the next level with their new album ‘Relic’ filling every nook and cranny of its eight songs with a dark, and at times mouth dropping. array of deliciously dank lysergic groove all furnished in swathes of slow, low distorted guitar riffage, brutal thrumming bass and earthshaking percussion.” - Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist).



  1. The Witch; The Endless Road; Relic; Unto The Smoke; After Earth
  2. Bialozar
  3. Kashmir