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Morbid Angel

Kingdoms Disdained

Silver Lining Music


Released: 1st Dec 2017


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Released: 1st Dec 2017


The forefathers of death metal return with their 9th studio album, creating a devastatingly heavy, apocalyptic soundtrack.

Its relentless and unapologetic attitude combines sheer, brutal power with complex time signatures. This is an album designed to push fans and non-believers alike. Recommended for fans of bolt thrower, entombed and napalm death.

Kingdoms Disdained


  1. Piles Of Little Arms
  2. D.E.A.D
  3. Garden of Disdain
  4. The Righteous Voice
  5. Architect and Iconoclast
  6. Paradigms Warped
  7. The Pillars Crumbling
  8. For No Master
  9. Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)
  10. From the Hand of Kings
  11. The Fall of Idols