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fire power



Released: 9th Mar 2018


limited indies & high-street stores only red lp

Released: 9th Mar 2018

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hardcover book cd

Released: 9th Mar 2018


the legendary british metal institution’s eighteenth studio album is tailor-made for priest fans, delivering the heavy, shrieking bombast that we all know and love.

whisper it, but this might just be their creative peak. they go ballistic. and check that artwork. bang! “’firepower’ delivers an agreeably familiar mix of skull-pummelling drums, eyebrow-singeing guitar pyrotechnics and multi-tracked operatic vocals” – uncut, “the Hell Patrol still rides, sworn defenders of the faith and guardians of heavy metal” - loudwire

fire power


  1. Firepower
  2. Lightning Strike
  3. Evil Never Dies
  4. Never The Heroes
  5. Necromancer
  6. Children of the Sun
  7. Guardians
  8. Rising From Ruins
  9. Flame Thrower
  10. Spectre
  11. Traitors Gate
  12. No Surrender
  13. Lone Wolf
  14. Sea of Red