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Grave Lines

Fed Into The Nihilist Engine

new heavy sounds


Released: 4th May 2018


very limited cream / green 2lp + download

Released: 4th May 2018


The second album by London/Brighton heavy contingent sees them expand their sound across nine weighty, yet darkly melodic, tracks; this is a compelling point where brooding post-punk meets crushing sludge metal.

Coming in at just shy of an hour, the record is a must listen for fans of all things heavy; however, anybody seeking music that delves into the darker and more introspective aspects of the human condition will find much to love within its expansive tracks. At times quiet and melancholic, at others, an oppressive and miserable onslaught of crushing riffs and filth-laden grooves, this will appeal to Fans of Yob and Neurosis as much as it will to fans of Bauhaus and Dead Can Dance.

Fed Into The Nihilist Engine


  1. Failed Skin Side
  2. Shame/Retreat
  3. Self Mutilation By Fire And Stone
  4. Loss/Betrayal
  5. Silent Salt
  6. Loathe/Displace
  7. The Greae
  8. Guilt/Regret
  9. The Nihilist Engine