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It's Hard To Have Hope

Holy Roar Records

limited blue lp + download

Released: 25th May 2018


Uncompromising and hard-hitting, It's Hard To Have Hope takes direct aim at difficult topics that are only becoming increasingly more urgent to address.

There's little in the way of poetry to the lyrics, and there's zero room for ambiguity as vocalist, Serena Cherry, screams "Where is the protection for the women?". There's an abundance of raw honesty as the Bristolian quartet tackle some very uncomfortable subjects head on; with sexual harassment, revenge porn and the exploitation of unpaid internships being just a few of their targets Whilst the lyrical content is central to SVALBARD's make up, the music is equally not to be overlooked. Whilst refining their distinctive blend of euphoric black metal, post rock and d-beat, the band have incorporated a few more surprising influences along the way this time. From soft, mournful singing to (dare we say) progressive guitar leads, It’s Hard To Have Hope showcases a sensitive dynamic that lends impact to its most crushing moments - of which there are undoubtedly many.

It's Hard To Have Hope


  1. Unpaid Intern
  2. Revenge Porn
  3. Feminazi?!
  4. Pro-Life?
  5. For the sake of the Breed
  6. How do we stop it?
  7. Try not to die until you're dead
  8. Iorek