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Group Of Man

What We Got In Common

Future Void Records

180g 12" EP

Released: 18th May 2018


the gorgeous album artwork is no red herring – the London hardcore outfit create a pounding, primal racket that’ll get your pulse working overtime.

"We all have lot of things in common, whether you like it not. If you live & work in a big city, the biggest thing that we have in common is that we fucking get pissed off with everyone we encounter." - Chris Barling (Vocals)...more like chris snarling. Suckers for punishment & a combined love of punk & classic rock, Chris Barling (ex Hang The Bastard) & Mark Scurr (ex Centurions Ghost) took advantage of Pariso calling it a day & pounced on Stu Anderson AKA The Death Hammer to play bass. After a revolving door of different members & fill-ins, the line-up is complete with the additions of Joe 'The Real' Watson (Apologies, I Have None) & Dan Mills (ex Hammers).


Group Of Man - What We Got In Common

What We Got In Common


  1. Everyone's A Punk These Days
  2. Eraserhead
  3. That Good Kinda Glue
  4. The Machine Stops Whirring
  5. Quit Waiting Around
  6. Can't Hack The Straight Life