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Rise Of The Northstar

The Legacy Of Shi

nuclear blast

limited gatefold white 2lp

Released: 19th Oct 2018


Back with experience from the battlefield under their belts, the Northstar retreats to write a new album, still sweating with teenage rage, still obsessed with the 90s metal and hip-hop grooves.

To take their craft to the next level, enter Joe Duplantier, Gojira’s frontman. The metal superstar has produced the record along with the band in Brooklyn NY - no better place to sink in the vibes from the golden age of 90s music be it rap or rock. The result is a thick, jaw-crushing .collection of 11 songs where mid-tempo heaviness and lower tones find their way into the band’s own blend of aggressive rap, epic solos, hardcore breakdowns and catchy anthemic choruses. On this record, ROTN makes soul searching and finding itself a central theme, lyrically depicted with fictional references deeply inspired by Japanese culture, while taking a further a step towards the members' personal drama

The Legacy Of Shi


  1. The Awakening
  2. Here Comes The Boom
  3. Nekketsu
  4. Kozo
  5. Teenage Rage
  6. Step By Step
  7. This Is Crossover
  8. Cold Truth
  9. All For One
  10. Furyo's Day
  11. The Legacy Of Shi
  12. Sayonara