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Psyche France Vol. 3

warner music

record store day exclusive 2017 - 140g LP

Released: 22nd Apr 2017


Including 12 tracks, this third volume of the ‘Psyché France’ collection is a new tribute to the mavericks and masterminds of the 1960’s and 70’s French music scene.

Back then, brave artistic directors would sign leftfield acts in order to rival the British Kings of progressive rock and the new wave of US psychedelia. In this collection, you will discover a few curiosities such as the oriental sounds of ‘Mon Chameau’ by the Masters, a band featuring drummer René Joly and whose members were all named ‘sretsam’ (‘masters’ in reverse) and the ethereal ‘Wendy’ by Slovenia-born Rado Testen. The obscure ‘Cavalier des vagues’ by Patrick Roche (from the ‘La valise de rêve’ album) and modern troubadour Philippe Farré’s ‘Les aiguilles du temps’ embody the poetry of these innocent years along with a true gem: ‘L’air que je chante’, a French-language version of David Bowie ‘Starman’ by Papillon, a former bass player for Triangle, also featured in this LP with ‘Bungalow’. Fans of the rock/free-jazz crossover will also enjoy the rare Komintern B-side ‘Elle était belle’and ‘La petite différence’ by Groucho Marxist Jacques Filh, the author of the infamous ‘Wraaaach!’. Sophisticated pop and psychedelic fans will also have the opportunity to listen to the works of four avant-garde sonic wizards : Guy Skornik with the hard to find ‘La route’, the beautiful ‘La dame nue’ by Michel Zacha, Jean-Pierre Castelain’s ‘La petite auto’ and Igor Wakhévitch. In 1977, Wakhévitch was already twenty years ahead of its time in the electronic music world. Listen to ‘Rituel de guerre des esprits de la terre’ and shiver ! Track List: Side A: 1. Les Masters - Mon chameau 2. Komintern - Elle était belle 3. Rado Testen – Wendy 4. Triangle – Bungalow 5. Guy Skornik - La route 6. Jean-Pierre Castelain - La petite auto 7. Jacques Filh - La petite différence Side B: 1. Major Tom (Völlig Lösgelöst) 3:56 2. Michel Zachra – La dame nue 3. Philippe Farré - Les aiguilles du temps 4. Patrick Roche - Le cavalier des vagues 5. Igor Wakhévitch - Rituel de guerre des esprits de la terre

Psyche France Vol. 3