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Released: 8th Dec 2017



Released: 15th Dec 2017


featuring some dazzling, crisp mandolin athleticism, this record is a buoyant breath of fresh air from the nickel creek and punch brothers musician.

This album, by the mandolinist, singer, songwriter, and radio host, is a collection of songs that were originally written for performance on ‘A Prairie Home Companion’. Since becoming the program’s host, Thile has, each week, written one new (often topical) ‘Song of the Week’ that gets its debut performance on that Saturday’s live broadcast – with Thile, the house band, and some of his guest musicians. For this record, he and producer Thomas Bartlett chose ten songs from nineteen possibilities and created new studio recordings of them, rather than merely documenting them as originally performed, and the results are spell-binging.

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  1. I Made This for You
  2. Feedback Loop
  3. Elephant in the Room
  4. Douglas Fir
  5. Thank You, New York
  6. Stanley Ann
  7. Modern Friendship
  8. Falsetto
  9. Balboa
  10. Thanks for Listening