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How We Found Ourselves...Everywhere! (RSD18)

Anti- Records

record store day exclusive 2018 - 12"

Released: 21st Apr 2018


“How We Found Ourselves…Everywhere” is a collection of outtakes, live recordings and rarities from the “How Did I Find Myself Here?” sessions and tour, complied exclusively for RSD 2018.

Overview: The Dream Syndicate made their name as a leader in the 80’s Paisley Underground music movement in Los Angeles, where the Los Angeles Times said that they “ rocked with the highest degree of unbridled passion and conviction.” This same can be said of their long awaited 2017 release “How Did I Find Myself Here?.” Like the Dream Syndicate’s best music, this album is dominated by ferocious guitar interplay (in this case between Wynn and Jason Victor), but here the attack is bigger and more forceful than their post-Wine and Roses efforts, and trippier and more consciously psychedelic as well. With Victor, bassist Mark Walton, and drummer Dennis Duck, Wynn has fashioned a band that possesses many of the virtues of the Dream Syndicate’s best work -- smart songwriting, epic but non-clichéd guitar figures, a willingness to explore the musical space without getting lost, and a rhythm section that holds all the diverse elements together -- without trying to replicate something created 30 years ago. This band shows it can look back without being beholden to the past. If you want to hear a clever, ambitious, and blessedly noisy set from four people who know how to do it right, then the Dream Syndicate’s return to duty will find an honored place in your music collection.

How We Found Ourselves...Everywhere! (RSD18)