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Memphis Industries


Released: 13th Feb 2012


180g lp & download

Released: 13th Feb 2012


tightly wound, cleverly arranged, pristine pop gems that laugh in the face of conventional song structure - queen meet pink floyd & brian wilson for a bedroom recording.

the brilliant prog-tastic 4th album from sunderland siblings peter & david brewis crams 15 tracks into 36 minutes. remodelling the modular, fragmented chamber pop of their 1st 2 albums, their sound is now shot through with the surreal abstractions of 20th century film music, from bernstein to ‘willy wonka & the chocolate factory’. they have taken their usually lengthy explorations & made them punchier & more immediate. impeccable! “ a delicious tasting-menu of rock history. tuck in” 4/5 – mojo, “the whole thing plays out like an extended, pragmatic version of ‘a day in the life’” 4/5 – uncut.



  1. Start The Day Right
  2. It’s Okay To Change
  3. Sorry Again, Mate
  4. A New Town
  5. Choosing Sides
  6. A Prelude To Pilgrim Street
  7. Guillotine
  8. Who’ll Pay The Bills?
  9. So Long Then
  10. Is This The Picture?
  11. From Hide And Seek To Heartache
  12. How Many More Times?
  13. Ce Soir
  14. Just Like Everyone Else
  15. (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing