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Guided By Voices

doughnut for a snowman



Released: 28th Nov 2011

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deliberately returning to the "semi-collegial" approach of iconic gbv albums, pollard says this is the “twinkliest” song he has ever written.

featuring 4 exclusive b sides ‘doughnut for a snowman’ is a single from ‘let's go eat the factory’, the first album of new material since 2004’s ‘half smiles of the decomposed’, featuring the classic guided by voices line-up. the aesthetic is very much in keeping with gbv, but with some unexpected twists such as the more prevalent use of keyboards & samples.

doughnut for a snowman


  1. doughnut for a snowman
  2. so high
  3. without necks
  4. fish on my leg
  5. one, two, three, four