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giant claw

haunted planet

wool recordings

very limited 12"

Released: 29th Mar 2012

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multi-instrumentalist & visual artist’s synth-exploration project is an impressive homage to early electronic music.

keith rankin began performing in dayton, ohio where he also co-runs orange milk records (home to aidan baker, sean mccann,caboladies, etc.). like emeralds, haunted planet delves deep into cosmic krautrock -- eerie minimalism brushed against that elusive halfway point between dynamic composition & mind warped improvisation for fans of can, terry riley, & the early electronic pioneers. "builds through the accumulation of synth motif upon synth motif, enticing a theatrical & fantastical experience nothing short of a mega man boss theme" – altered zones.

haunted planet


  1. Haunted Planet pt. i & ii
  2. Spirit Heal Me
  3. Dream Love
  4. Hobo Cop