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the soft moon




Released: 2nd Jul 2012

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One sided 7" from SOFT MOON: Icy post-punks the Soft Moon are apparently prepping a new album called Zeros for release on Captured Tracks this Autumn.

But theres a new song on this 7", their first new recordings since 2011's "Total Decay".. The song in question is called "Evidence," and it pairs the troupe with former Ultravox singer John Foxx and his current collaborators, the Maths. Soft Moon leader Luis Vasquez revealed in a press statement that it was, obviously, a pleasure to work with one of his electronic music heroes. "Foxx's Metamatic album is what led me to discover the Arp Odyssey, the most crucial instrument in my collection, and the key synthesizer used in creating my unique sound. So, that album is very important to me and what I do." Foxx, meanwhile, paid Vasquez and the Soft Moon back in kind with some compliments too: "The Soft Moon are where minimalism maximises into a new universe of possibilities. It's an absolute joy for us to work with them.''