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old apparatus

derren ep

sullen tone


Released: 16th Jul 2012

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opens with the space flight of ‘Zimmer’ a glide through Vangelis-like synths & watery submerged steel drums.

.. next up,  ‘Derren’ leads with light syncopated drums, a repeating folky guitar figure & a ghostly male voice singing in & out of static & warm synths. The chilly ‘Dealow’ works delayed metallic drums & kicks against wasp like synth tones & a pitch shifting female vocal over a deep sub bass. Bodah ends the EP, with naive melodic tones & glass like hand drums that melt away as the track stretches out into a cavernous, cosmic drone, filled with intense dark drama, before landing the listener back on earth.


derren ep


  1. Zimmer
  2. Derren
  3. Dealow
  4. Bodah