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Stack Waddy / Spider King

Hunt The Stag / Animals

finders keepers

very limited 7"

Released: 22nd Oct 2012

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Finders Keepers & oi Polloi offer fans of both hard rock & malformed punk a double-sided 7” vinyl single of 2 lost recordings from the virile & selfsufficient Manc rock scene that eluded major label domination throughout the 1970s.

Proudly advertised as Manchester’s prime purveyors of “The f***ing heaviest music you ever heard”, Stack Waddy's previously unpressed studio demo captures a Sabbatical ‘War Pig’ of a riff while Knail sings the contents of his local chip shop menu in this tuff-love serenade. This double whammy also snares a rare homemade punk track called ‘Animals’ by Manchester’s omnipresent Spider Mike King. The track’s rumbling bassline and synthetic drum clatters treads a path between early Fall & a microwaved Spaghetti Western with Mike’s unique songwriting pushing this no-fi nugget to the front of Manc pop’s most wanted / lost property inventory.

Hunt The Stag / Animals


  1. Stack Waddy - Hunt The Stag
  2. Spider King - Animals