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laurel halo

sunlight on the faded / dub



Released: 6th Dec 2012

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where ‘quarantine’ was dense & beatless, 'sunlight on the faded' is energised & geometric, with lush chords built around hard, sparse drums & laurel's harmonised vocals.

following on from her much-lauded debut album ‘quarantine’, laurel halo concludes both the year & the drama explored in that album with this new single 'sunlight on the faded'.  the claustrophobic motifs explored on ‘quarantine’ remain, but here they are turned inside out, incandescent & fleeting. choked samples & illusory fx support the vocal phrases, the lyrics hinting at a resolution from the pain of the album’s themes, & a hopefulness too. the b-side dub is a deep exploration, again reflecting the soundscapes of ‘quarantine’ but ramping up the intensity with simultaneously tense & lithe drum patterns.

sunlight on the faded / dub


  1. sunlight on the faded
  2. dub