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Luke Abbott

Object Is A Navigator



Released: 3rd Dec 2012


a mesmerising combination of warm, analogue sounds & a beating heart of twisted melody.

following the slow burning success of his 2010 album ‘holkham drones’, abbott's ep on gold panda's notown imprint is a masterstroke of accessible electronica with an intriguing, abstract streak, bubbling & pulsing away while burrowing, almost imperceptibly, into your psyche. for fans of james holden, gold panda, boards of canada, actress. “like a circuit board unexpectedly blooming red carnations or a microchip with a slow-beating heart beneath its surface, abbott’s music has an enigmatic, almost-living core which defies its technological composition” - the stool pigeon.

Object Is A Navigator


  1. Object Is A Navigator
  2. New Buildings
  3. A Short Distance
  4. Silent Fall
  5. Overgrown