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truant / rough sleeper


cd ep

Released: 17th Dec 2012


12" ep

Released: 17th Dec 2012


dark master of atmospheric dubstep returns with 2 extended cuts of shadowy, nocturnal grooves & disturbed, heartbroken melodies.

this release is comprised of 2 pieces of music with a combined duration of more than 25 minutes. developing the percussive element of his signature sound, around the static-swathed synths, sighing vocals & deep, lurking sub bass, hypnotic & twisted garage rhythms propel you through his loose, pulsating soundscapes of rich, murky & deeply original sonic textures. further justification as to why most producers & fans of electronic music embraced his gloomy paradigm.

truant / rough sleeper


  1. truant (11.45)
  2. rough sleeper (13.47)