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future boogie


Released: 15th Apr 2013

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a devastatingly fresh debut ep of beautifully textured electronic music where fluid neo soul melodies & velvety vocals melt into vivid keys & contemporary bass science.

a duo comprised of chameleon producer jabru & bass scene favourite, hackman. opener ‘miss my love’ unites a wave of a lush, chiming melodies with swelling bass & uplifting vocals. madly infectious & warm with a distinct kick & drive, it signifies the bruh jackman sound as a multi-layered thrill ride. bringing the pace right down with a mellow r&b groove & sultry broken beats, ‘california’ featuring hot new vocal talent & uk’s answer to frank ocean, joel culpepper is a mellow ride of seductive melancholia, swimming in glimmering pools of chords & laced with a raw stripped back energy, evoking a top-down sunrise drive through the californian hills. the third original ‘just to keep’ wakes up the dancefloor once again with harmonious bass, powerful keys & another killer vocal hook to top it off.



  1. Miss My Love
  2. California feat. Joel Culpepper
  3. Just To Keep