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fainting by numbers

watching the wheels



Released: 15th Apr 2013

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nu-german compu-soul maestro justus köhncke & honey voiced musical polymath alexis taylor (hot chip), team up for a sublime debut single.

born out of ad-hoc collaboration & now formalised as fainting by numbers, original track 'a stone in the ground' displays a haunting alexis vocal, reminiscing over justus’ relentless synthetic backdrop, a journey from kraftwerk’s dusseldorf all the way to nashville. on the flip side, a cover of the duo’s musical hero john lennon's swansong to everything rat-race & careerist, 'watching the wheels' echoes down the decades as a sister track to its a-side partner. it comes as a very faithful cover, a duet splitting the verses. as a bonus, the 12" includes 'watching the dub', where köhncke dons his all-digital lee-perry-drag.

watching the wheels


  1. Watching the Wheels
  2. Watching the Dub
  3. A Stone In The Ground