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RECORD STORE DAY 2013 - 3 x 7"

Released: 20th Apr 2013


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***record store day 2013 exclusive – expected instore 20th april*** stock will be available instore on a 1st come 1st served basis, strictly 1 per customer - all remaining stock will be available online from 12:01 on Saturday 27th april.

LIMITED TO 50 COPIES IN THE UK. Benjamin Biolay is a complete musician and renowned author, compositor, actor and producer. Enfant terrible of French music, Benjamin Biolay is amongst the most creative icons of our contemporary music scene. Vengeance was released late 2012. Remixers info: Team Ghost: There's been a deluge of stunning electronic music emanating from Europe for years, but it's been a while since we've also heard swirling, noisy guitars echoing from the continent. Combining these two strands, however – the atmospheric synth textures of Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno, and the caustic indie-rock of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine – is exactly what Nicolas Fromageau set out to do when he founded Team Ghost in 2009. "Infusing the classic sounds of indie-rock with the modern sound of electronic synthetic beats" - PASTE MAGAZINE TEPR : Born in 1980 in Morlaix, Brittany, Tanguy Destable listens to his first Rock and Hip-Hop bands with skateboards buddies in the early 90′s. After three Abstract Hip-Hop albums he decides to go solo as Tepr and releases a first LP in 2003 where his quiet Electronica starts to mess with club beats. Three albums later he joins Yelle and GrandMarnier in 2005 to play keys on stage and to co-produce the singer’s songs in the studio. After a worldwide tour with Yelle and numerous remixes for Yelle, Santigold, Laroux, Calvin Harris, he takes a break on solo producing to work on Yelle’s second album with GrandMarnier Bosco Delrey : Bosco Delrey, producer and purveyor of experimental pop and rock n roll, spent early 2011 playing in support of like-minded, genre- blurring acts Sleigh Bells and CSS, previewing his debut LP, Everybody Wah, for crowds across the United States. Hailing from New Jersey by way of Memphis, Bosco’s production and musicianship reference the sounds of Sun Studios-era recordings, southern rap, church hymns and dancehall, updating lo-fi guitar twang with pop beats and vintage synthesizers to create a wall of distorted dance-grunge. “[Bosco is] a sort of garbage can Elvis from New Jersey… teaspoon craziness, a pinch of rockabilly, and full cup of soul dressed in a leather jacket. He can’t be topped as far as song writing… He’s doin’ the music I wish I could if I had bought a guitar.” -Diplo



7’’ #1

PROFITE feat. Vanessa Paradis

1.            PROFITE (Team Ghost remix)

2.            PROFITE (Album version)


7’’ #2

SOUS LE LAC GELE feat. Gesa Hansen

1.            SOUS LE LAC GELE (TEPR remix)

2.            SOUS LE LAC GELE (Album version)


7’’ #3

CONFETTIS feat. Julia Stone

1.            CONFETTIS (Bosco Delrey remix)

2.            CONFETTIS (Album version)