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Holy Motors


Wharf Cat


Released: 24th Feb 2017


fronted by vocals dripping with nihilist numbness, backed by loose, splashing drums & spaghetti western guitars, they’ve built a richly detailed, dark world for us to lose ourselves in.

they sound like the love child of Hope Sandoval and Ennio Morricone born in the back of a ‘67 Trans Am and raised on nothing but Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Their sound lies somewhere between the wind with a vibrato and the soundtrack to a non-existent movie. The band’s second single, an introduction to their forthcoming debut album, is yet another love story inspired by Chris Isaak songs and Spanish blues. The single features the sad and sultry two-chord ‘Sleeprydr’ backed with ‘Descending’, a sunset anthem for lonely navigators. “Mesmerising, dark melodies” - Subbacultcha. “Alluring in their delivery, captivating in their substance” – Adhoc.



  1. Sleeprydr
  2. Descending