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Say What You Say EP

Atlas Artists


Released: 9th Jun 2017


the Tottenham based 5 piece deliver uplifting indie pop that fans of foals or swim deep will want to check out.

Where 'Level's & 'Gave You All' have this nervy, all consuming, intensity to them, 'Say What You Say'  sees the band strip away some of that seriousness & urgency found within the textures of the soundscape & envelop balmy, uplifting arrangements & a carefree spirit, where even Ashley Mulimba's incredible, distinctive vocal seems to soften on the hook. “This EP highlights the main questions people are quite often scared to address, (as cliche as it sounds) why are we actually here and what is our purpose? Why is GOD and life after death such a big topic in our everyday lives at least some of it isn't the truth? What mysteries lie beyond the reach of our senses? It also speaks about the dark time we are going at the moment but sense of hope and togetherness we're getting from it, the sense of belief and inspiration we can draw from it. We live in a society now that oppresses our creativity and originality. A society that separates us makes us compete against each other.

Say What You Say EP


  1. Levels
  2. Gave You All
  3. Don't Care Enough
  4. Say What You Say
  5. Oblivion
  6. Gave You All (Kains Remix)