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LUNA / cheval sombre

Lonesome Cowboy Bill

feral child

super limited 7"

Released: 27th Oct 2017


2 killer versions of the velvet underground classic, each markedly different from one another, this sees luna as we’ve never heard them before, with a divinely dusty Americana vibe running through it.

this 7” began its life when Dean recorded an album of western / cowboy songs with his friend Cheval Sombre, who came in with a demo of the Velvets’ “Lonesome Cowboy Bill.” They recorded it not once, but twice, Side A with Luna, Side AA Cheval Sombre. That both artists share a love for the VU of course comes as no surprise and, as Dean says, “This track was sung by Doug Yule on the V.U.’s “Loaded” album so you figure he co-wrote it. Like “Ride Into the Sun” and “Who Loves the Sun”, it has a great key change and more chords than your average Velvets track."

Lonesome Cowboy Bill


  1. LUNA - Lonesome Cowboy Bill
  2. CHEVAL SOMBRE - Lonesome Cowboy Bill