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The Pretty Things

the same sun

Fruits de Mer Records

limited colour 7" (pre-order)

Expected Release: 2nd Jan 2018


OK, so I might be a bit biased as The Pretty Things are quite simply my favourite band - ever - and it's so good to have them back on Fruits de Mer.

I'd being telling their manager Mark St. John for the last year or so that 'The Same Sun' from their latest album (‘The Sweet Pretty Things (Are in Bed Now, of Course...)’ should have been released as a single; I guess it could be argued that singles are a thing of the past but sod it, 'The Same Sun' is finally going to appear on 7 inches of vinyl...I love this song, it really is classic Pretty Things, with Phil and Dick in great form (in fact, Dick co-wrote it with Mark) and it's just one of four tracks on this EP - two songs from their last LP and two live tracks from the 60s that have never appeared on vinyl before (at least, not as far as I know!) Dick Taylor describes the background to ‘The Same Sun’…“I first did a demo of the instrumental theme of The Same Sun way back in the 90's using an Amiga computer and a synced-up 8 track mixed down to a cassette which disappeared down the same black hole that claims all my plectrums; the melody kept resurfacing in my mind over the years and when we were recording our last album I decided to resurrect and re-record a new demo; when Mark St John heard it he, overnight, put together what I think are inspired and inspirational lyrics to it, we put together the backing track, Phil added his own inimitable style to it and, hey presto, it was in the bag, (I'm sure I put that cassette somewhere handy, hey hum....)” There's a sort of synergy about The Pretty Things’ take on 'Renaissance Fair' being the other studio track on the EP, as a live version by them from the 60s was on an earlier FdM release, while the two live tracks on side b are taken from the band's remarkable box-set 'Bouquets From A Cloudy Sky'; we think they're from the late-60s Hyde Park gig, but no-one's absolutely certain! 'She Says Good Morning' is, of course, from S.F. Sorrow, while 'Alexander' was originally from their Electric Banana sessions and is another of my favourite songs by the band - so I'm happy, I hope you will be too

the same sun


  1. The Same Sun
  2. Renaissance Fair
  3. She Says Good Morning
  4. Alexander