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Communion Singles Club

limited 7"

Released: 20th Apr 2018

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the london-based, multi-nationally raised musician makes his label debut with a pair genre-blurring tracks that blend both minimalist production and expansive instrumentation.

Whilst it was in Boston where his musical talents developed, it’s in London that his new project has fully taken shape. ‘7x7’ draws inspiration from the ‘Bardo Thodol’, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which details a Buddhist’s journey from death to reincarnation. Similarly, the song acts as a perfect introduction to the birth of Fairhazel. ‘7x7’ showcases Fairhazel’s hushed, reverent tones, reminiscent of Illinois-era Sufjan Stevens, as he sings of “breaking free” from “routine days” to a place of enlightened “knowledge of humanity”. Likewise, ‘The Director’s Daughter’, the B-side of the release, details similarly profound journeys, both literal and figurative, searching for love and meaning while exploring new places and relationships.



  1. 7x7
  2. the director's daughter