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Divine Intervention

speedy wunderground

limited 7"

Released: 31st Jan 2020

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Since forming in the din of a house party two years ago, PVA are the genre-hopping passion project of London musicians Ella Harris, Josh Baxter and Louis Satchell.

The three piece traverse fistfuls of genres throughout their rapturous live sets, incorporating techno landscapes, Balearic euphoria, and industrial miasma within the same songs. The band’s unique energy combines with blocky synths, autotuned vocals and motorik drum loops to earmark the group as one of the capital’s foremost new bands. Regularly headlining medium sized venues (Brixton Windmill, The Social among others) and winning over punters at festivals (Green Man, Knee Deep and Test Pressing Festival) alike, the three piece are a unique beast whose reputation and buzz to date is routed in the mania of their bustling live sets. With a multitude of shows planned across the UK for the end of 2019 and an appearance at Sonic City in Belgium, 2020 is set to be a year that can only see the band grow and evolve further. Speedy co-runner Pierre Hall first caught sight of the band at Green Man Festival on the Rising Stage. ‘They completely blew me away’ says Hall, ‘I’d heard about them – but heard very little. I was won over instantly. I loved the chemistry between them. And especially with Ella (Harris). She was completely magnetic.’ The track they’ve recorded with Speedy boss Dan Carey, ‘Divine Intervention’ perfectly instils the essence of those live performances. Of the recording process/song itself the band say, ‘Divine Intervention was one of the first songs Josh and Ella wrote together back at the start of 2018. Having put it aside for a while, Louis brought it a new lease of life, adding live drums to the track, when he joined the band later on in the year. Being able to have it as our first release is very special, as it’s a song we’ve been working on and has been evolving for almost a year now - to work with Dan Carey and all the team at Speedy to capture the energy of the track onto a recording was a really great experience.’ The result is a proper bona fide end-to-end banger from the instant it starts, and a classic Carey production. ‘It reminds me of Patti Smith fronting Factory Floor’ says Hall, ‘which in my mind is no bad thing. Definitely one of my very favourites.’ Ella (Harris) says ‘Divine Intervention is about getting lost in memories and past experiences, coming to resolution within yourself and growing from these experiences to be a fuller, more rounded version of yourself. It’s very cathartic being able to contrast these personal, quite sad at times lyrics against such an upbeat track - the euphoria of dance music cures all’. We can’t help but agree. PVA for Christmas Number 1.

Divine Intervention