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Como Asesinar a Felipes


Koolarrow Records


Released: 6th Oct 2017


One of Chile’s most respected experimental/jazz/hip-hop groups, theirs is a relentless, idiosyncratic energy that’s constantly on the move, forever changing and perpetually thrilling.

The album is a continuous piece played in a single performance, end to end, segmented into six parts. This is their sixth album, Recorded and mixed in Oakland, California by Bill Gould of Faith No More at Estudios Koolarrow. this is a Completely unique mix that should interest fans of Sun Ra, This Heat, Can, Ornette Coleman, De La Soul.




  1. Interior (Parte I)
  2. Interior (Parte II)
  3. Medio
  4. Exterior (Parte I)
  5. Exterior (Parte II)