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Bugge Wesseltoft


act music


Released: 13th Oct 2017

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Released: 22nd Dec 2017


these solo piano reimaginings of classic compositions drip with nostalgic, emotive intensity, in which the spaces between notes are just as heavy with importance as the notes themselves – beautiful.

There can be very few musicians who are capable of making silence as audibly vivid as the Norwegian pianist. In his interpretations of songs by Lennon/McCartney, Paul Simon, Johann Sebastian Bach, Bruno Mars and several others, Wesseltoft has a way of shaping the sound of notes and chords, and of opening up spaces between notes that is uniquely his. As he plays, he does not follow any fixed plan, metre or arrangement; what happens is completely subservient to intuition in the moment. Every sound stands on its own merits. if you like rick wakeman’s ‘piano portraits’, Philip glass’ ‘solo piano’ or gareth sager’s ’88 tuned dreams’, this is for you.



  1. Es sungen drei Engel
  2. Bridge Over Troubled
  3. Water
  4. Koral
  5. Angel
  6. Reflecting
  7. Morning Has Broken
  8. Salme
  9. Blowing In The Wind
  10. Angie
  11. Locked Out Of Heaven
  12. Let It Be