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Django Bates' Belovèd

The Study Of Touch



Released: 3rd Nov 2017


a stunning percussive trinity that marries Bates’ exquisite freewheeling, free-flowing virtuosic melodic sense with The terse momentum of Eldh’s bass and bruun’s painterly drumming.

All three musicians are highly individual players, subtly challenging the conventions of the jazz piano trio. The shared work has included inspired reconstructions of pieces associated with Charlie Parker - a formative influence for both Bates and bassist Eldh - and in this new album, Parker’s tune “Passport” is set amid Django originals, and played with respect, contemporary sensibility and joy. Some of Django’s own tunes here - such as “Senza Bitterness”, “Sadness All The Way Down” and “We Are Not Lost, We Are Simply Finding Our Way” have become core pieces in Belovèd’s repertoire, continually remodelled by this trio of improvisers.

The Study Of Touch


  1. Sadness All The Way Down
  2. Giorgianti cs
  3. Litt le Petherick
  4. Senza Bitt erness
  5. We Are Not Lost, We Are Simply Finding Our Way
  6. This World
  7. The Study of Touch
  8. Passport
  9. Slippage Street
  10. Peonies As Promised
  11. Happiness All The Way Up