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Jon Balke & Siwan

Nahnou Houm



Released: 10th Nov 2017


the international string collective - led by Norwegian keyboardist jon balke - create gorgeous, writhing pieces, underpinned with eastern chord progressions and eerie soprano vocals.

Perceived correspondences between Arabic music, Andalusian classical music and European baroque music fired Jon Balke’s imagination when he started this project a decade ago. To bring these sound worlds closer together, he set poetry of Al Andalus, reflecting upon a period of coexistence between adherents of the three great religions. But Siwan does not set out to be an “historical” project: it’s a contemporary creation, delivered by an alliance of strongly individual players, fronted by a vocalist deeply rooted in Arab music traditions. recommended if you like Michael mantler or nils okland band.

Nahnou Houm


  1. Duda
  2. Desmayarse
  3. Castigo
  4. Del Rey
  5. Ma Kontou
  6. Nahnou Houm
  7. ZemZemeh
  8. Aun Bebiendo
  9. Arco y Flecha
  10. Sin Nada Querer
  11. Iti mad