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Ryan Driver

Careless Thoughts

tin angel


Released: 23rd Feb 2018


The Toronto based multi-instrumentalist turns off the guiding light of traditional form and convention and instead reaches in the dark for something more profound, his every note, melody and lyric a question thrown out into the universe.

Like most of us, he never quite finds the answer, but through searching he carves out his musical identity and makes us try to find the answers with him. Inspired by the more adventurous figures of jazz, he has created a cinematic mix of all his inspirations yet finds time to also carve out playful folk tunes and catchy melodies. Fans of the weather station should also be happy to hear him duet with Tamara lindeman.

Careless Thoughts


  1. They Call This Everything
  2. It’s Nothing Time
  3. Careless Thoughts
  4. I Guess I Won’t Be Going Home
  5. Love
  6. It Must Be Dark Tonight
  7. The Seasons The Months And The Days
  8. Olive Tree
  9. There Once Was A Sky