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kit downes




Released: 19th Jan 2018


This jazz pianist ditches his piano and changes pace by mastering the organ in three separate church spaces.

His latest project has little to do with “jazz”, but could only have been made by an improviser of subtle sensibilities. Some of his earliest musical experiences were as a church organist and in recent years he has been revisiting the instrument, exploring its sonic possibilities and idiosyncrasies, in improvisations both melodic and textural. In November 2016 producer Sun Chung followed him to three English churches - the Snape Church of John the Baptist and Bromeswell St Edmund Church - both in Suffolk - and Union Chapel Church in Islington, London.



  1. Kings
  2. Black Is The Colour
  3. Rings Of Saturn
  4. Seeing Things
  5. Modern Gods
  6. The Bone Gambler
  7. Flying Foxes
  8. Ruth’s Song For The Sea
  9. Last Leviathan
  10. The Gift