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Ola Kvernberg




Released: 9th Mar 2018


this is a rhythmic deluge of an album – a jazz-prog odyssey as inviting as it is esoteric, and likely to appeal to fans of everything from krautrock to afrobeat to miles davis and beyond.

Fiddle ace Ola Kvernberg has held a prominent place in the Norwegian music community since his early teens. His family is full of folk musicians, but Ola has carved his own distinctive path. ‘Steamdome’ is both more limitless and more brazen than my previous projects, barrelling along into a landscape where rhythmical patterns, beat and groove are the dominant elements. With three of the country’s most innovative drummers on board, the bows, strings and resin have been replaced by sticks, metal and a variety of drums. an album seething with visual energy.



  1. Prologue
  2. And Now
  3. Caterpillar
  4. Black Lemon
  5. Go Up
  6. Above the Dance - Part I
  7. Above the Dance - Part II
  8. Through the Mantle
  9. Credits