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Frode Haltli

Avant Folk



Released: 15th Jun 2018


LP + download

Released: 15th Jun 2018


boasting a cast of Norwegian musicians spanning all ages, generations and genres, this absorbing set of folk jazz compositions weaves vivid images of roaming wildernesses and writhing winds; a sonic embodiment of the rough-hewn perfection of nature.

The opening track of ‘Avant Folk’ is like a dream of what contemporary experimental folk-meets-jazz-meets-chamber-music might be. Elsewhere, as the album develops, the folk references expand to include echoes of west African desert blues, east European gypsy swing, Armenian double reed laments and lugubrious Nordic village knees-ups to form a kind of north Atlantic gumbo. By the time we reach the album’s conclusion, ‘Avant Folk’ has effectively created its own genre; a pleasingly congruent collection of stylistic traits that sounds like nothing so much as itself.

Avant Folk


  1. Hug
  2. Trio
  3. Kingo
  4. Gratarn
  5. Neid